Crawling the web (Motoko Ueyama)


Working papers on the Web as Corpus


Front Matter
(Includes author contact information)
A WaCky Introduction
Silvia Bernardini, Marco Baroni and Stefan Evert
Experience Building a Large Corpus for Chinese Lexicon Construction
Thomas Emerson and John O'Neil
Creating General-Purpose Corpora Using Automated Search Engine Queries
Serge Sharoff
Evaluation of Japanese Web-Based Reference Corpora: Effects of Seed Selection and Time Interval
Motoko Ueyama
Measuring Web Corpus Randomness: A Progress Report
Massimiliano Ciaramita and Marco Baroni
Using the Web as a Source of LSP Corpora in the Terminology Classroom
Sara Castagnoli
Specialized Corpora from the Web and Term Extraction for Simultaneous Interpreters
Claudio Fantinuoli
The Net for the Graphs: Towards Webgenre Representation for Corpus Linguistic Studies
Alexander Mehler and Rüdiger Gleim

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